If you want to sign up at us as a host family, we need the complete information about your family. To this belong:

the fully filled out family questionnaire of our agency
the placement contract of our agency signed by you
a letter to the au pair
at least two or three photos of your family of good quality
To be able to take action for you, for a start your fully filled out family questionnaire
is enough for us. After you indicated your interest in one of our au pairs, the signed placement contract, the letter to the au pair and the photos of your family are neces-
sary for the approach to this au pair. We send you the form of our placement contract via email, as soon as you opted for an au pair and breathed your wish to be willing to make use of the placement service of Friends for Families.

Looking forward to your registration are Iryna and Peter Kittsteiner from your au pair agency Friends for Families.

family questionnaire.pdf

family questionnaire.doc

leaflet host family, state 04.2011.pdf

leaflet au pair, state 05.2007.pdf

questionnaire of the Federal Employment Agency
for the application of the work permit.pdf


Friends for Families
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Manager: Iryna Kittsteiner

Our office hours: Monday to Friday always
from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. as well as by arrangement.

You can also reach us anytime by filling out our contact form.

Download application forms for au pairs:
If you are interested in the au pair programme
you can download our application forms here.
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